Lab has hosted people from the following countries:

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Principal Investigator

Dr. Daniel Schindler


Team Members

Tania Köbel

Adán Ramírez
PhD Student


Lea Ramming
MSc Student

Stijn de Vries
PhD Student


Timon Lindeboom
PhD Student


María Sánchez
PhD Student


Cedric Brinkmann
Student Assistant

Yasoo Morimoto
Student Assistant

Ehmad Chehrghani Bozhcheloe
Student Assistant

Laura Kley
Technical Trainee

Marie Schwartz
BSc student


Michel Brück [11/2022 to [07/2023]

MSc student; Last seen on his way to start his PhD with Lennart Randau.

Dr. Rafael Melo Palhares [01/2022-11/2022]

Guest Researcher / PostDoc

Wiktor Mikolajczak [04/2022-10/2022]

Erasmus+ Intern; Last seen on his way to Poland to proceed with his MSc.

Philip Schenk [10/2020-08/2022]

Student Assistant

Elenie Konia [02/2022-05/2022]

Erasmus+ Intern; Last seen on her way to Greece to find happiness in Industry.

Razan Swidah [07/2021-12/2021]

Engineering Intern; Last seen on her way to Saudi Arabia to start her MSc or PhD.